FixyTrade features explained

Learn about FixyTrade's features: Analytics Dashboard, Trades, Trading Journal, Trading KPI's, Smart Goals, Trading Score and more.
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What is each feature for?

FixyTrade’s plans all contain different features which enable you to improve your trading performance in different ways.

Analytics Dashboard

With an overview of all your trading accounts' last results, the FixyTrade Analytics Dashboard is designed to help you to improve your trading performance, fast.


Get an overview of your past and current trades. It's the best way to have all the information in one place and at a glance.

Trading Journal

See winning and losing trades at a glance. You can also add screenshots and comments on each trade.

Trading KPI's

Track advanced key success indicators such as maximum drawdown, expectancy, average hold time and dozens of other key indicators.

Monthly, Daily, Hourly reports

Get an accurate summary of your performance. Monthly, daily and even hourly reports are available.

Holding Time

Compare whether your fastest trades are necessarily the most profitable and improve your performance faster.


Use Tags to A/B test your strategies so that you can fine-tune them to be as effective as possible.

Smart Goals

Add and track your personal goals and reach them quickly.

Trading Score

Find out if your investment strategy is profitable or not, and how to improve it to become profitable as quickly as possible.

Profit Projection

Find out in one click how much you will earn in the next few days and weeks.

Brokers & Platforms

Connect the brokers and trading platforms you already use.

Synced Accounts

Instead of using a spreadsheet (Excel...), import your transactions automatically to save time. Welcome to trading journal 2.0.

Manual Accounts

Add your trades by hand in seconds and get precise feedback on your trading performance.

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What features do I get with each plan?

For an outline of the key features included with each plan, including the features that come with the FixyTrade Platform, see our plans and pricing here.

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