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Accurate analysis of your trading performance is key to success in trading. FixyTrade's trading journal is more than just a tracking tool; it’s your digital coach for strategic reflection. This article will guide you on how to optimally use this feature to refine your trading strategies.

Monthly Overview

Your FixyTrade trading journal provides a comprehensive view of your monthly trading activity. At a glance, you can observe trends in your performance and adjust your strategies accordingly. To navigate between different trading months, simply click on "Month" at the top right corner of the page. This allows you to quickly compare your activity and outcomes over time.

Dynamic Monthly Statistics

The statistics on your dashboard are dynamic; they update to reflect the selected month. You'll see not just the net result, but also key metrics such as the average profit per trade and the profit ratio. This helps you to assess the quality of your monthly trading decisions and to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Cumulative Profits Evolution Chart

The cumulative profits chart is a powerful visual indicator of your successes and learning points. It shows the trajectory of your account balance over time, allowing you to identify periods of gains or losses. Analyze this chart to understand the impact of your strategies and to decide whether to maintain, adjust, or abandon them.

Daily Details

For more in-depth analysis, click on any day of the month. You will be directed to the trading details for that day where you can examine each trade individually. It’s in these details that you can study the specifics of what worked or not, which is crucial for refining your trading skills.

The FixyTrade trading journal is designed to give you complete control and deep understanding of your trading activity. Use it daily to discern patterns, adjust your strategies, and enhance your performance. Think of this tool as a mirror to your trading actions, reflecting both your successes and learning opportunities.

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