How to use the analytics dashboard

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  • Win %

The Win is the percentage of your net winning trades divided by the total trades (sum of your winning and losing trades) and then multiplied by 100. It shows the winning percentage from your total trades.


Total Trades = 13 (10 Winning Trades and 3 Losing Trades). So now, divide 10 by 13 = 0.769. Then multiply 0.769 by 100. The result = 76.9%.

How is it calculated?

(Winning Trades / Total Trades) * 100

  • Profit

Profit is the sum of your net winning minus your net losing from all of your trades. The profit margin determines how much you are worth after you've lost some trades.


If your winning profit is 500, and your losing profit is 150, subtract 500 from 150. Then you will get a Profit of 350$.

How is it calculated?

Subtract your winning trade's profit from the losing trade’s profit.

  • Avg Profit

Avg Profit shows the average profit over a total number of trades.


The profit is 568.9$ and the total trades are 13 so divide 568.9 by 13 then you get the Avg. Profit = 43.76$.

How is it calculated?

Total Profit / Number of trades

  • Pips

Pip stands for "Percentage In Point" or "Price Interest Point". Pips are used to represent the smallest possible changes in the exchange rate of a currency. In most currency pairs, this number is displayed in four decimal places.


When the EUR/USD pair rises from 1.0230 to 1.0231 the currency pair rises with one pip.

  • Gain

Gain refers to a general increase or decrease of the account value.


The Profit is 882.9 $ and the Capital is 23409.9 $, so diving 882.9 to 23409.9 is a Gain = 0.0377 $. Now to get the gain percentage multiply gain by 100 which is 3.77%.

How is it calculated?

Profit made during a specific period / Amount of capital at the beginning of this period.

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