This video will teach you how to integrate XTB with your FixyTrade Account. With this, you can synchronize your trades from XTB accounts to your FixyTrade account.

Step by Step process

Step 1: To get started, log in to your XTB xStation5 account:

Step 2: On the top right of your dashboard, check your user ID number.

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Step 3: Copy-paste your ID number and enter your XTB password in your FixyTrade account.

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Step 4: On your XTB portfolio, click on Trades. If you see Track Record Verified, your account is set up correctly. Otherwise, check that you have correctly entered the token in FixyTrade and repeat the process.

✅ Well done! You can start to trade, wait for the next sync depending on your FixyTrade plan and your trades will be automatically added to your FixyTrade account.


You can synchronize demo trading accounts and real trading accounts.

Past Trading Data

XTB's API allows us to import your past trading data.


You should know that these credentials are secure.

All exchanges are integrated with read-access-only API keys.

All API keys are encrypted & securely stored.


To synchronize your trading data, Your XTB trading platform does not have to be open on your computer.

FixyTrade will be able to synchronize your data if your XTB trading platform is not open on your computer.

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