How to import trades from IG

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Updated 4 months ago

FixyTrade is 100% compatible with IG broker in three ways:

Method #1: Automatically via the IG API

Enter an account name of your choice (This can be any name you like).

  1. Enter your IG username (⚠️ Do not enter your email but your IG username. When you created your account at IG, you had to create a username. If you can't find your username, know that you can easily find it via the following link (click here). Otherwise, don't hesitate to ask IG if you need to find it again).

  2. Enter your IG password

  3. Enter your IG API key

    • To find your IG API key, login to your IG account:

    • Then go to the settings and click on "API Keys". If you have a French account, you can access it by clicking on the following link:

    • Create a new API key by entering a name, check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click on "Generate new key". Your IG API key is now ready.

  • Copy the IG API key and paste it into the FixyTrade field

  • Then click on "Add IG account".

The first synchronization with your IG account may take a few tens of minutes. Please be patient.

Method #2: Automatically via MetaTrader

Method #3 : Manually by adding your trades by hand

Below is an image showing you the four solutions:


  • The IG broker does not share in its API the closing data of a trade. This will impact the following features:

    • The "Closing Date/Time" column will have the same data as the "Opening Date/Time" column

    • The column "Duration" will be considered as "00h 00m".

    • The functionality "Duration" in the tab "Performance" will not be able to display the trades data

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