List of all brokers and trading platforms supported by FixyTrade

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Updated 3 months ago
FixyTrade supports all brokers. However, some brokers are supported with the auto-sync trade feature and others are not (check the full list below).

For all brokers & platforms

The only feature that is available for some brokers is the trades auto-import and auto-sync. If your broker is not yet compatible with this feature, you can request us to add it. You can also use:

Auto-import and auto-sync feature

FixyTrade is the only trading analysis tool to offer auto-import and auto-sync of your trades with the vast majority of brokers (+1600):

List of supported Brokers & Platforms

Important: As we cannot list all brokers worldwide, please note that if your broker is not present in this list, it will still be compatible with manual accounts, CSV import, as well as import via MetaTrader if your broker offers it.

Check the list of compatible brokers

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