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Introducing the trading journal, KPI's, Calendar, Holding time, Performance reports and more.
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An element that is paramount to keeping your trading income growing is to Analyze your Results with Precision. Once you’ve optimized your tracking systems, the next step would be to understand how to leverage this information to make decisions that can help you significantly reduce your losing trades.

You don't need complicated things to improve your performance. Just a few simple tricks will give you much better results. Like using specific KPIs or formulas designed for traders. This will allow you to understand exactly what makes you make money and what makes you lose money.

You can also summarize your performance with monthly, daily, and even hourly reports to gain insight into what is working best.

You may be asking if you are able to understand these statistics or if it is too complex. It depends on the exact solution that you choose, but with FixyTrade, they are beginner-friendly.

You also might be wondering what are the most important KPIs to monitor. The top 3 are:

  1. Winning percentage

  2. Profit factor

  3. Consistency

Some people wonder how analytics can help them to improve their performance. The thing is by leveraging analytics, you can control the amount of risk you take per trade. And this is what makes a trader profitable.

Advanced Analytics features

To help you with this, we have developed lots of features to make your trading more profitable. Learn more just below:

💪 Trading Journal

See winning and losing trades at a glance. You can also add screenshots and comments on each trade.

Trading KPI's

Track advanced key success indicators such as maximum drawdown, expectancy, average hold time and dozens of other key indicators.

📊 Monthly, Daily, Hourly reports

Get an accurate summary of your performance. Monthly, daily and even hourly reports are available.

Holding Time

Compare whether your fastest trades are necessarily the most profitable and improve your performance faster.

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