What is FixyTrade?

How FixyTrade works, what it can do for your trading and what makes it different to other solutions
Written by John
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FixyTrade is an all-in-one trading journal to track, analyze and reach your trading goals. If you’re investing in the financial markets, you need more than a strategy. You need a simple way to find the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy to stop repeating the same mistakes in order to become profitable as quickly as possible.

That’s why we built FixyTrade.

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What can I do with FixyTrade?

If you have a trading account or invest in financial markets, on desktop and/or mobile you can use FixyTrade to:

  • Connect your broker, analyze your results, and reach your trading goals super easily from a single platform - For free. Powered by the FixyTrade platform.

  • Optimize Your Tracking Systems: Add your trades automatically without needing to think about calculations. See all your performance at a glance thanks to our trading journal, calendar, and filters. Automatically import all your trades history or add your trades by hand. Powered by our Easy Journaling features.

  • Analyze your Results with Precision: Get more winning trades with real-time analytics, advanced statistics, and trading KPIs. Powered by our Advanced Analytics features.

  • Reach your Goals on Autopilot: Use our trading score feature to keep you accountable to your goals without missing out on consistent earnings. Powered by our Predictable Earnings features.

All FixyTrade features are built on the free FixyTrade Platform, which lets you see who your trading performance are, and what you need to do to improve it.

Who uses FixyTrade?

  • Day Traders who want to increase profit and improve their lifestyle, but are struggling with inconsistent income, and feeling stressed about the instability.

  • Swing Traders looking for analytics feedback and insight into how to optimize their strategy.

  • Beginner Traders who want to institute best practices (We love working with new traders and celebrating their initial and long-term success!).

  • Advanced & Expert Traders who need to reach their goals faster, and maintain excellent performance at every stage of their progress.

Is FixyTrade for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, we will be happy to answer them. Click on the chat link at the bottom right of the site or click on the button below.

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What sets FixyTrade apart?

Most of the tools on the market simply display the main trading performance KPIs and that’s it. So you don’t know what to do to improve your performance, it’s too complex, and you waste time and money.

FixyTrade is the 2.0 tool for traders because it goes far beyond simple performance KPIs.

Everything is simple and understandable so that you know what to do. You can synchronize your trading accounts, add comments to your trades, set specific goals to achieve, and much more.

This is the tool we wish we had when we started investing in the financial markets.

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