Learn how to use "Profit Projection"

Written by John
Updated 10 months ago

Projected profit is the amount of money you expect to earn in the future.

To help you find this amount, we have created two kpi's: projected profits in the next 30 days and projected profits in the next 100 days.

Why use these KPI's?

Traders often use projected profit as a way to keep themselves from overtrading—after all, it's hard to resist the urge to get involved in a trade when you know your potential gain is so high! But if you're not careful, you could end up losing more than you win—and more importantly, if you're trading with actual capital, those losses could wipe out your account.

How do you project your profit?

That depends on what kind of trader you are. Some traders use a percentage-based system: they say "I want my projected profit to be at least 20% of my total investment." Other traders use a fixed dollar value system: they say "I want my projected profit to be $2500." Either way works!

Once you've decided which method works best for you, stick with it. Don't mix and match between the two methods because this will only cause confusion and lead to poor decision-making.

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