Learn how Overview works

Written by John
Updated 2 months ago

"Overview" is intended to give you an overview of your trading account. This page contains the essential information to know if your capital is moving in the right direction.

Where to find Overview:

  1. Go to My Accounts.

  2. It displays a list of trading accounts with the Broker, Balance, Gain, and Profit.

  3. Select and Open any trading account.

  4. It will display the Overview tab.

On the Overview tab, you can see the information below:

  1. Balance: It displays the total amount of capital in your account as of the current date.

  2. Today: It shows the amount of your gains and losses for the day including the percentage change.

  3. This Month: Displays the amount of your gains and losses for the month including the percentage change.

  4. This Year: It shows your gains and losses for the year including the percentage change.

  5. Balance evolution: The graph has two axes - the capital amount axis and the time axis.

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