How to import trades from FXCM

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With this article, you will learn how to synchronize your trades from FXCM accounts to your FixyTrade account.

Step by Step process

To add an FXCM account, simply click on FXCM on the integration page and follow the steps:

Step 1: FXCM Account Name

You can specify anything you want. This name will allow you to identify your FXCM account in FixyTrade.

Example: Trading account

Step 2: FXCM Username

Enter your FXCM user ID.

This is a string of numbers that you will find in your FXCM emails or on the FXCM TradingStation.

Example: D238937842

Connect to FXCM Trading Station

ℹ️ Do not try to enter your FXCM login email address as it will not work. If you have not entered the correct ID number with the correct password, you will get the following message:

Step 3: 🔒 FXCM Password

Enter your FXCM account login password.

We do not store your credentials and cannot perform any transactions on your accounts. Learn more about FixyTrade security.

Step 4: Final check

✅ Your account is now ready.

Before starting the data synchronization, check that all the information entered is correct.

If everything is ok, click the "Add FXCM account" button to start synchronization.

ℹ️ The first synchronization of your trades may take up to 5 minutes. Please be patient.


You can synchronize demo trading accounts and real trading accounts.

Past Trading Data

FXCM's API cannot allow us to import past trading data. Only the next trades will be added to your FixyTrade account.


You should know that these credentials are secure, unique, and created especially for you by FXCM.

All exchanges are integrated with read-access-only API keys.

All API keys are encrypted & securely stored.


To synchronize your trading data, Your FXCM trading platform does not have to be open on your computer.

FixyTrade will be able to synchronize your data if your FXCM trading platform is not open on your computer.

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