Tell us more about your company, employees, background, etc.

FixyTrade is co-founded by traders & highly skilled developers. Alexandre Leclair founded the company in October 2021. Alexandre is a serial entrepreneur who have more than +8 years of experience in the financial market ecosystem.

Feel free to consult the following pages to learn more:

So far, more than 145K businesses and individuals are using our products to create new streams of income through the financial markets. It’s our immense pleasure to share that our products are constantly helping people in bringing real value to achieve their goals.

Do you have a public roadmap or can you let us know what features to expect in the future?

Yes, it is located at

Where can I find tutorials or demos about using your tool and different features?

You can find detailed documentation on how to use FixyTrade and its different features over here:

How does your tool compare to competitors?

Most of the tools on the market simply display the main trading performance KPIs and that’s it. So you don’t know what to do to improve your performance, it’s too complex, you waste time and money.

FixyTrade is the 2.0 tool for traders because it goes far beyond simple performance KPIs. Everything is simple and understandable so that you know what to do. You can synchronize your trading accounts, add comments to your trades, set specific goals to achieve, and much more.

This is the tool we wish we had when we started investing in the financial markets.

What languages do you support?

The FixyTrade application and customer support are available in English and French.

How do we reach support?

What other tools integrate with FixyTrade?

+1600! You can check them out at You'll see this includes all major brokers and trading platforms. If you are using a broker or a trading platform that we don't currently integrate with, once you are a FixyTrade member, you can submit a request for this integration at so other Sumo-lings can up-vote it.

Is this GDPR compliant?

As we are a small team and that it requires a significant investment, we are not fully GDPR compliant for now. However, if you have any questions about your data, please feel free to visit this page.

What gateway/payment connections are available?

If you are planning to purchase FixyTrade, the following payment methods are available:

✔️ Credit / Debit card

✔️ Apple Pay

✔️ Google Pay

What is your privacy policy?

Here is the link to our privacy policy:

What do you do with user data?

Users own their data and we do nothing with it. We only use user contact details for communication, trading auto-sync and support purposes. You can learn more on this page.

Is it possible for me to upgrade my plan later?

Yes, of course, you can. Whether you purchase FixyTrade from the main website or AppSumo, it’s super easy to upgrade your plan at any time. If you have any queries in this regard, just give us a ping and we’ll surely assist you with that.

Check out the current pricing structure at

Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

Yes, we certainly do! Just go HERE to get your affiliate link and affiliate tools.

Do you have any case studies or example sites that use your tool?

Usually, the data is private but for public use you can check these ones:

The leader in online financial market training also uses FixyTrade to promote its courses. See the ALTI TRADING website.

Do you have (or plan to have) a mobile app?

FixyTrade works fine with mobile devices. There is no immediate plan to provide mobile specific apps.

Can I whitelabel FixyTrade?

Sorry to say that, but currently, we are not allowing users to whitelabel our product.

Can I redeem all the codes I buy under one account/email for now and then spread them out later to client accounts as they become available?

You can buy multiple licenses under one account/email. But you need separate emails for activation, and then share those emails with clients.

Are there any limitations to this deal if I’m from XXXX (Country)

No, there are absolutely no limitations to this deal. Hence, it doesn’t matter which country you are from.

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